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Praise for The Simple Life

"A masterly book—as fascinating as it is educational . . . Shi combines impressive scholarship with intriguing anecdotes and insights into the lives of presidents, religious leaders, naturalists, industrialists, and others who praised plain living.”--
Charlotte Observer  

"Shi's genius is in tying diverse social and cultural threads together and weaving an excellent book about the history of ideas."--

"Exemplary . . . Shi's study can serve as a handbook to guide us in facing the insistent and inevitable challenges of the future."--

"Shi manages time and again in specific instances to be lively and illuminating."--
Philadelphia Inquirer  

"A candid, informative, scholarly examination throughout American social history of the drive to simplify one’s life and find meaning by the means of deliberately giving up excess material vanity . . . a thoughtful book, filled with carefully assessed observations, The Simple Life is strongly recommended reading for anyone contemplating simplification of their personal lifestyles and circumstances as a means of improving the quality of their lives and themselves."--
Midwest Book Review  

"Meticulously researched . . . it should stand as a seminal study of an enduring theme in U.S. social history."--

"Mr. Shi's study is interesting for the light it sheds on America's moral development."--
New York Times Book Review  

"The most recent expression of a complex intellectual tradition which has shaped American cultures for centuries. If many of Shi's sources for this tradition are familiar, he does a masterful job of bringing them together."--The Nation


America: A Narrative History

Now in its tenth edition, this book has sold over 2 million copies because it is a book that students love to read. It is used at over 800 colleges and universities and over 200 high schools.

From Amazon.com 
 Awesome Book--Reads like a novel! 
This textbook is written to read like a novel--it is an awesome peek into America's History!

 Yeeeeeeessssss -
Fun to read and very informative!

This book is truly amazing. The way the author vividly describes important historial events is captivating. I have never been so impressed with a book before. Definitely one that I will cherish always. Buyer sent the product within the two days as promised. Excellent service! Great book!

 Love It -
This is an amazing history book. I can honestly say I read it cover-to-cover, and found the content to be objective, accurate, and motivating.

From Barnes and Noble

Amazing Text - This book was used as our AP US History textbook and is one of the most interesting history textbooks that I have read. I definitely recommend this book if you're interested in learning American history.

Superb Narrative History  - 
After teaching for more than 36 years, I find this text to be the best I have ever used. It is a balanced synthesis of historiographical develoments in the last thirty or so years as well as an interesting story which blends a difficult mix of social, political, and economic trends. Nothing really important is wanting in this text, even humor (sometimes subtle). The study materials are also quite helpful according to the testimonials of my former students. Especially noteworthy are the human interest stories which clarify the historical narrative.


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