David E. Shi
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Leading a simple life
The pursuit of happiness: what is it and why is it so hard?
Loneliness in Modern American Culture
A More Perfect Union: Race Relations in American History
Sustainability and environmental stewardship
The origins of environmental conservation in the US
Leadership – creating a high performance organization
Creating community partnerships and leveraging collaboration
American history
The rise of realism in American culture
The impact of the civil war on American art
The Fate of Books in a Digital Age
A Theater of Contrasts: America on the World Stage, 1893-1919
Religion in American Life
The Origins of the Civil War
Baccalaureate and graduation addresses
Earth day addresses

"David Shi is a wonderful historian and speaker because he fully understands that people, their stories, and their lives are what fascinates and connects us to each other both in our past and the present." 

Jon Durbin
History Editor and Vice-President, W.W. Norton and Co., Inc.

I just had one of my freshmen leave my office after telling me how much she enjoyed your convocation speech. She appreciated your message, but noted how your humor kept her engaged.  It is a tough audience, a hundred hoary faculty and 700 eighteen-year-olds.  The sentiments you voiced were all the ideas we tried to broach with them during orientation. We have a real sense that all these themes were woven together quite tightly in your speech. I have heard the same comments from numerous faculty as well. You are wonderfully relational!  

Tracy T.W. Upchurch
Associate Professor of Law and History
Director, Frank D. Upchurch, Sr. Endowed Pre-Law Program   Flagler College


Winter Park Institute
Energy Conservation Summit, Appalachian State University (Boone, NC)
Southern University Conference of College Presidents (Santa Fe, NM)
Earth Week addresses at Trinity University (San Antonio, TX)
Centre College (Danville, KY)
Association of Governing Boards Annual Meeting (Washington, D.C.)

Kennesaw State University
University of North Alabama
Keynote speaker at the Southeastern Symposium for the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment
Broward College (Ft. Lauderdale)
Texas Community College Teachers Association (Houston) Manufacturers’ Education Council Sustainability Forum (Cincinnati)
Sierra Club
Flagler College 2013 Convocation Address
Coastal Conservation League

Fantastic graduation speech by Dr. Shi of Furman U! #mvpschool

David Shi might be the only #Commencement speaker I ever wished would keep talking. Amazing! Congratulations #Classof2013! #mvupper

"David Shi is one of the most engaging and funny speakers I have ever heard speak on the topic of sustainability. His deep commitment to creating a healthy, just, and sustainable society is demonstrated in both his personal and professional endeavors, and he draws from this experience in such a way that the challenges we face as a society become not only comprehensible but also, ultimately, opportunities to forge a different, more satisfying future."

Toni Nelson
Vice President of Programs, Second Nature

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